CONET - The Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence

Investigador/a: Luis Merino
Convocatoria: FP7-ICT-2007-2
Presupuesto: 10,406,827.00 €
Duración: 01/06/2008- 31/05/2012


A number of different system concepts have gained a lot of relevance in the area of embedded systems over the past couple of years: Embedded systems, pervasive computing and wireless sensor networks. These three types of quite diverse systems share a lot of commonalities but also have some complementary aspects in common that make a combination into a coherent system vision promising.

The term "Cooperating Objects" was coined explicitly for the purpose of describing such systems by the Embedded WiSeNts Consortium, a Coordination Action funded by the EC in FP6. One of the main results was the publishing of the Embedded WiSeNts Research Roadmap that defines the concept of Cooperating Objects.

The vision of Cooperating Objects is, therefore, quite new and needs to be understood in more detail and probably extended with inputs from the relevant individual communities that compose it. This will enable us to better understand the impact on the research landscape and to steer the available resources in a meaningful way.

The main goal of CONET is to build a strong community in the area of Cooperating Objects capable of conducting the needed research to achieve, in the long run, the vision of Mark Weiser. Therefore, the objectives of CONET are the following:

  1. Create a visible and integrated community of researchers on the topics related to Cooperating Objects capable of driving the domain in the coming years.
  2. Identify, arise awareness and steer academic research efforts towards industry-relevant issues without forgetting fundamental scientific issues; make the community more reactive to novel issues and approaches, and to coordinate its efforts; establish tight relationships with the European industry, leveraging interactions with leading US institutions in the field.
  3. Stimulate cooperation between researchers from the three domains in order to achieve a lasting and sustainable architecture that is able to cope with the vision of Cooperating Objects.