Research Talent Attraction Initiative - MSCA-PF


The Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) in Seville is offering positions for postdoctoral researchers interested in implementing a 2-3 year project based in Spain within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowships programme (MSCA-PF), which is part of Pillar I of the European R&I Framework Programme, Horizon Europe (HE).

Specifically, UPO is inviting potential candidates to participate in the Research Talent Attraction Initiative. This Initiative aims to enhance the success chances of their MSCA-PF applications, whether for European or Global Fellowships, by providing support during the proposal writing phase.

The Initiative is divided into three phases that align with the main parts of the proposal, Part B1 and Part B2 (see below). All top candidates, with the approval of a Supervisor at UPO, will have the opportunity to express their intention to participate.

> Info fact sheet MSCA-PF 2024.


You are eligible to apply if, at the time of the MSCA-PF proposal submission deadline (September 11, 2024), you meet the following requirements:

  • POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER (Candidate): At the call deadline, you hold a PhD title and have a maximum of 8 years of full-time research experience since obtaining it: Guidelines on calculation of 8y research experience.
  • SUPERVISOR: You have already contacted a Principal Investigator at Pablo de Olavide University (see List of Supervisors 2024 below) who has committed to work with you on the project and, therefore, accepts to be your Supervisor. For Global Fellowships, it is recommended to have a Supervisor in the Outgoing Phase organization.
  • HOST INSTITUTION: You choose and accept UPO as the Host Institution (HI) where you will carry out the project.
  • MOBILITY RULE: You comply with the mobility rule of the MSCA-PF, i.e. you must not have resided or carried out your main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain (for MSCA-PF-European), or in the country of the host organization for the Outgoing Phase (for MSCA-PF-Global) for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline.
  • NATIONALITY of the candidate:
    • For MSCA-PF-European: Postdoctoral researchers from any nationality can apply.
    • For MSCA-PF-Global: Only nationals or long-term residents of EU Member States or HE Associated Countries can apply to this modality.
  • RESTRICTION: Your proposal submitted to the previous MSCA-PF call, with UPO as HI, did not receive a score of less than 70%.

We will be happy to support highly qualified candidates interested in any area of our research and eligible for MSCA funding (MSCA-PF elegibility conditions). Applicants are expected to submit a proposal with great potential to succeed and to be willing to collaborate and work on improving their drafts.


Please refer to the following document, which contains a list of Principal Investigators at the UPO:

  >> List of supervisors 2024.

NOTE: This list compiles the interest of UPO Principal Investigators who have expressed their willingness to receive offers to participate as Supervisors in MSCA-PF proposals.

Once you have contacted and obtained the supervisor's acceptance to support your candidature, and if you wish to benefit from our Initiative, we invite you to submit your Expression of Interest by May 5th, 2024, at the latest.


In order to express your intention to apply for the Initiative, you need to prepare the following documentation (1) and complete the information required (2):

  (1) >> Supervisor's acceptance letter.

  (2) >> Online application form / Candidate's information.

NOTE: The call to admit and connect potential MSCA-PF candidates with Supervisors will remain open until July 1st after the EoI deadline, but candidates will no longer benefit from the Initiative.


A) Firstly, uploaded documents and information will be thoroughly checked to ensure they have been completed accurately. This includes both the Supervisor's Acceptance Letter and the Online Application Form.

B) As a second step, to verify the candidate's eligibility, evidence and/or documents will be required, such as:

  • A digital copy of your PhD title (maximum 8 years of experience in research)
  • Certificate of employment/residence, etc. (Mobility rule)
  • Certificate of marriage or equivalent (Top-up allowance), etc.

Once points A) and B) are fulfilled, the proposal follow-up programme will commence according to the established schedule (see pictures above).

1) Part B1 - Section: 1.Excellence (deadline: May, 19)

This is the most important section of the proposal, carrying a weight of 50%. Therefore, take your time to carefully complete it, consult with your supervisor(s), and follow the tips and advice provided by the EU R&D Project Office.

Please ensure that this section is thoroughly completed before sending it to Subsequently, you will receive a review with suggestions and tips for improvement to enhance this section of the proposal.

2) Part B1 - Sections: 2. Impact & Section: 3. Implementation (deadline: June 2)

Follow the same procedure as in step 1). You need to send both sections of Part B1, 2 and 3, to the email address provided above. Afterward, you will receive new feedback on these sections.

3) Part B1 + Part B2 - Final Draft (deadline: June 16)

Part B1 should now be completed and revised. It's time to make the necessary adjustments to fine-tune the proposal as best as possible and send it back to along with Part B2.

Upon completion of step 3), and with a consolidated draft of the proposal, you will receive a final review.

The main objective of the Initiative is to have a proposal draft by July and refine it with the Supervisor(s) and other colleagues during August and the first days of September.

Additionally, there is the possibility of external supervision by an expert consultancy firm. This matter should be discussed with your Supervisor.

4) The possibility of a proposal final draft review by a consulting firm (deadline: June 21)

Through an internal call, the Supervisor has the opportunity to request internal funding from the University for a specialized consultancy firm to review the final draft proposal obtained as a result of your participation in the Initiative.

Therefore, only candidates who have duly completed the proposal follow-up programme of the Initiative are eligible to apply.