The International center offers lodging with Spanish host families with full board.  The Center feels that this is the best way to learn about Spanish culture and traditions and practice and improve language skills.  All the families have been carefully chosen and will do their best to make you feel at home and enjoy your stay.  If you are a vegetarian, have food or pet allergies or have any special requirements, it is important that you advise us beforehand.  We will do everything in our power to meet your needs.

How is the family?

The family can be a couple with or without children or a woman with or without children.  The most important factor is a family ambience so you can experience daily family life in our country.  Some families have other students, either Spaniards or foreigners, but only Spanish is spoken at home.  You can easily make friends with the other students living in the home.


The student can choose a single room or a double room to share with another student.  We always try to respect your choice but everything depends on availability.

Sheets and laundry

The host family provides you with sheets and towels so you only need to bring personal belongings.  Laundry services once or twice a week are also included.  You should ask where you should deposit your dirty clothes though it´s usually in a laundry bag or basket in the student´s room.


Students may receive phone calls at their host family´s home but should ask for permission to use the phone to make local/national calls. There are a variety of cell phone companies which offer cell phones at competitive prices. If you have a Skype account on your smartphone, you can add money to your account and call internationally for just a few cents a minute. As an internet connection is required, you need to be in a wifi area or use your data plan.

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      Multidisciplinary Studies Program:

      • Fall 2024: 3.145€
        Extra day: 36,40€
        September 7 – December 19, 2024
        Deposit payment deadline: June 10
        Full housing payment deadline: July, 22
      • Spring 2025: 3,540€
        Extra day: 37,00€
        January 25 – May 22, 2025
        Full housing payment deadline: January 9, 2025
      • Other housing prices 2025:
        Day: 37,00€
        Week: 247€
        Month: 894€
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      PIU Program (integration)

      • Fall 2024: costs / month 880€
      • Spring 2025: costs / month 894 €

      September 2024 Spanish Intensive Program:

      • 243€ (1 week)

      January 2025 Spanish Intensive Program:

      • 478€ (2 weeks)

    Opinions from former students:

    Residencia NIDO

    • Location:

      Calle Plácido Fernández Viagas, 6

    Residencia NODIS

    • Location:

      Avenida de Ramón Carande, 6

    Residencia LIVENSA LIVING

    • Location:

      Calle Antonio Maura Montaner, 6. 41013. Sevilla

    Residencia XIOR

    • Location:

      Avenida de Ramón Carande, 6

    Residencia PALM ESTUDIOS

    • Location:

      Av. De la Palmera 38

    Residencia Celestino Mutis (on campus)

    • Location:

      Edificio José Celestino Mutis, 15 (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
      41013 Sevilla

    • Contact information:

      Telephone: (+34) 954 29 84 90

    The International Center does not arrange any housing in shared apartments.
    The general price of a room in a shared apartment in a nice area will be around 300-400 euros
    We advise you live near a metro station since UPO and the city are connected through a metro line. The best areas are:

    – Triana / los Remedios
    – Nervión
    – City center

    Download the map with the best areas to live in