Amaya Moral García

Amaya Moral García, a Spanish professor at the International Center of the Pablo de Olavide University since 2007, specializes in Spanish language instruction, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. Committed to continuous learning in her passion for teaching Spanish, she has actively pursued various courses focused on teacher training and Spanish language methodology over the […]

Estrella Fernández Caraballo

Estrella has been working at the International Center since 2005. She has a wide specific training in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language that includes courses, roundtable meetings, workshops and conferences. Her additional studies in the area of education makes her a Education Expert Trainer for Future Teachers. She holds a Master’s in the Teaching […]

Clara Cavanillas Gómez

Clara Cavanillas Gómez has been teaching Spanish at the International Center since 2006. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Málaga, as well as a Master’s in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from Pablo de Olavide University. Clara complemented her studies with international experiences in the […]

Ana Claudio Fernández

Ana has been a Spanish instructor at the International Center since 2004. After finishing her degree in French language and literature, she spent a year in Uzes (France) where she began her career as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. She then travelled to the U.S. where she taught Spanish for almost six […]

Manuel Mejías Borrero

Manuel Mejías has been teaching Spanish language, Spanish Phonetics, Spanish Pragmatics and Spanish Civilization & Culture courses at the International Center at Pablo de Olavide University since 2001. He was also the coordinator of professors for six years and supervised the Spanish classes. Manuel is also an assistant professor in the Translation and Interpretation Department […]

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