Jorge Díaz Ceballos was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in History by the Universidad de Cantabria (2007), a MA in Latin American History by the New York University (2010), and holds a Ph.D. in History and Humanistic Studies by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (2017) under the supervision of Bethany Aram (UPO) and Tomás A. Mantecón (UC). His thesis, recently published in Marcial Pons under the title “Poder compartido. Repúblicas urbanas, Monarquía y conversación en Castilla del Oro, 1508-1573”, is a work “from below” about the power relations between the cities founded in the Panamanian isthmus and the Hispanic Monarchy throughout the sixteenth century, including the problem of relations with indigenous people and negotiation of the jurisdiction as the center of the conflict. He is a member of the ERC project “ArtEmpire: conquest, commerce, crisis, culture, and the Panamanian Junction, 1513-1671”, directed by Bethany Aram at the UPO. He has published several articles in high-impact journals such as Colonial Latin American Review and Nuevo Mundo, Mundos Nuevos and he has also participated in several collective books. Currently, he is analyzing interpersonal and interracial relations in the urban context of Panama in the colonial period, working with archival and archaeological sources. From September 2019 he has been a Max Weber post-doctoral fellow at the European University Insitute of Florence with a project on the customs of justice in the transatlantic context.

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