José Miguel Escribano holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the Universidad de Alcalá and a Ph.D. in History and Civilization from the European University Institute (2016). His doctoral work Juan Rena and the Construction of the Hispanic Monarchy (1500-1540), supervised by Jorge Flores (Vasco da Gama Chair in Early Modern Global History), analyzed the configuration of the Hispanic empire from the perspective of the agents dealing with its construction at ground level in different border scenarios. Actually, the construction of frontiers of the Hispanic Monarchy represents his main field of work. In this sense, from his first works on the construction of the military frontier in Navarra, he has been broadening the spectrum of his research in order to go on to study the configuration of the political spaces in the Iberian-Maghrebi frontier or the changing relation between the religious and political frontiers in the Mediterranean world from the beginnings of the sixteenth century. His current field of research focuses on the configuration of intercultural mechanisms of conflict resolution and violence control in the global frontiers of the Iberian empires.