Environmental Sciences

During the second half of the twentieth century, environmental awareness started to rise rapidly and gradually. It got into every social sector, and today the environmental issue is the most significant one in every social factor: political, economic and legal institutions, mass media, citizens' groups, etc.

Unlike other disciplines, Environmental Sciences has a multidisciplinary character, since it includes Experimental Sciences, Law Science, Economic Science, Social Sciences and Engineering.

The undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences is aimed at:

  • Providing multidisciplinary training focused on the scientific, technical, social, economic and legal aspects of environmental
  • Transmitting basic knowledge and competences with which students will gain access to a job in on the field of environmental protection, analysis of changes on the Environment as well as and prevention and correction of these changes.
  • Specializing at technical, teaching and research level in on each of the main disciplines related to the


Career opportunities:

 Environmental impact assessment and

  • Environmental management in administration
  • Systems for environmental quality management in companies and organizations.
  • Natural environment
  • Industry environmental
  • Environmental education and