Covid-19 Information (updated 15/9/2022)

As a result of the meetings held by the Andalusian Public Health Alert Committees in June, an alert level of 0 was established for the region along with a lifting of restrictions.

This following is the situation at the UPO:

1. The start of the academic year is completely in-person and with no restrictions.

2. Under no circumstances may students be forced to wear a mask. Professors who are more vulnerable to the illness should adopt adequate protection measures (such as wearing an FPP2 mask).

The following are the guidelines issued by the University’s Health and Prevention Office:

1. The use of a face mask is recommended for people whose personal circumstances make them more vulnerable to being infected by Covid-19. This includes people over 60, those who are immunodeficient, and pregnant women, especially following prolonged contact with a positive case and at a distance of less than 1.5 meters.

2. Concerning possible cases of Covid-19, the administration has eliminated isolation and quarantine requirements for those who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, as well as all of their close contacts, vaccinated or not.

3. For those who are ill and have serious symptoms (or vulnerable at risk populations), they are urged to make use of health services, follow doctors’ orders and inform their close contacts so that they may prevent further spread.

4. As good hygiene continues to be important, proper hand washing is encouraged, as well as regular cleaning and airing out of shared spaces.