Alejandro García Montón is a Juan de la Cierva post-doctoral researcher, at the Area of Early Modern History of the UPO, under the supervission of Bartolomé Yun Casalilla. He holds a Bachelors Degree in History by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (2008) and a PhD in History and Civilization by the European University Institute (2014) with the thesis “Génova y el Atlántico (c.1650-1680): emprendedores mediterráneos frente al auge del capitalismo del Norte”, directed by Bartolomé Yun Casalilla. Between 2016 and 2019 he worked as post-doctoral resesarcher in the project ArtEmpire, ERC-CoG, 648535, founded by the European Research Council (Horizonte 2020), directed by Bethany Aram (UPO). 

His main research fields include the study of Genoese commercial and financial networks, trans-imperial interactions in the context of the Atlantic slave trade, and the role of the second-hand market in the Early Modern period. He's the author of the monograph Genoese Entrepreneurship and the Asiento Slave Trade, 1650-1700 (Routledge, 2021), as well as of several book chapters and articles published in journals such as Cuadernos de Historia Moderna, Nuevo Mundo: Mundos Nuevos,or Hispanic American Historical Review.These interests led the researcher to participate in different forums of academic debate across Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Panama, Portugal, or the United Kingdom, among others. Currently, he acts as Spanish Book Review Editor for The Journal of Early American History (Brill). 

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