Creation of ECREABIEN: an initiative of research and transfer on entrepreneurship and psychosocial well-being with a gendered approach

Ana Pérez-Luño, Ute Stephan y Johan Wiklund
Ana Pérez-Luño, Ute Stephan y Johan Wiklund

Pablo de Olavide University, King’s College London and Syracuse University sign an agreement to promote research and transfer activities on entrepreneurial creativity and well-being with a gendered approach.

portada de la web de ECREABIEN (joven emprendedora)ECREABIEN (Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Psychosocial Well-being: a Gendered Approach) is made up of an international team led by Ana Pérez-Luño, professor at Pablo de Olavide University; Ute Stephan, professor at King’s College London (KCL); and Johan Wiklund, professor at Syracuse University (USA). After the success of the project “Supporting Entrepreneurship during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Global Study of Entrepreneurs’ Resilience and Well-being”, led by KCL with the participation of this research team, the three universities have recently signed an agreement to continue this collaboration.

In this case, the objective goes beyond promoting research on entrepreneurship. ECREABIEN aims to be a platform that supports and advises entrepreneurs on issues as important as creativity, resilience, and psychosocial well-being.

Therefore, based on the knowledge generated by the previous project, ECREABIEN was born with the aim of focusing on the importance of the psychosocial well-being of self-employed workers and small businesses owners and managers. ECREABIEN provides tools to support creativity and well-being after the crisis caused by Covid-19. Another of its objectives is to adapt research on entrepreneurship issues to take gender differences into account.

Currently, ECREABIEN is financed with two projects led by Ana Pérez-Luño, ‘Entrepreneurial creativity as a key resource for innovation and economic and psychosocial well-being in times of crisis: a gendered analysis’ and ‘Innovation in start-ups: a contingent analysis of entrepreneurial creativity, characteristics of the founding team and participation in acceleration programs’. This second project is also led by Antonio Carmona Lavado, professor at the UPO.

Ana Pérez-Luño is a member of Inn-Lab, Pablo de Olavide University’s research center on innovation, entrepreneurship and family business. She has directed, among others, the study ‘Coping with the stress of being an entrepreneur in times of COVID-19’, a study that included the participation of 245 freelancers, SMEs and Spanish start-ups from different industries and which has verified gender differences when evaluating the psychosocial well-being of this group during the pandemic.More information: https://www.upo.es/investiga/ecreabien/en/home/

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