The International Seminar "Collective Violence and Genocide V: Connections and Comparisons" will begin on September 30. This fifth edition, which will have two sessions, the first on September 30 and the second on October 1, will focus on the comparative and connected history of collective violence and genocide in various parts of the world, both in early modern and modern times.

The seminar seeks to reflect, in a broad way, on the place of genocide in early modern times and its historiography, through the connected and comparative study of specific cases of extreme violence. This requires dialogue with other disciplines and the development of new methodologies.

The aim of studying the connections and comparisons between various cases of group destruction is not to find a common causal explanation, but to broaden the understanding of each of the cases studied, capturing both the elements that make them unique, and the points of connection that link, implicitly or explicitly, the different case studies to each other. To achieve this, seminar participants will focus on the in-depth study of specific dimensions within the collective violence or genocidal process that can then be compared with other cases, the connection and disconnection between contemporary cases, and the most appropriate methodologies for their study.

The full programm is available at this linkwhere you can access the online session in Zoom without prior registration.

Further information at the project website En los límites de la violencia (II): la larga sombra de las masacres modernas en contexto global.


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