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UPO Data Science & Big Data Lab designs a software for the automated detection of defects on airport runways

The research group Data Science & Big Data Lab from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide is designing a software for the automated detection of defects on airport runways. This tool will be used as part of a comprehensive solution called ‘Airport Pavement Inspection by Aerial Robotic System’, property of Soologic Technological Solutions S.L, a company with a vast experience in this sector.

Climate change is decoupling the global treelines growth from rising temperatures

This novel study lead by the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE-CSIC) and University Pablo de Olavide (UPO) in Spain, in collaboration with 22 institutions around the world has evidenced that trees growing at the upper or poleward forest limits, named treelines, showed growth enhancements coupled with temperature rise since 1980. The growing season length in these ecosystems is limited by[Leer más…]

A new study shows how invasive species change during biological invasion

Several scientific studies have shown how species that have been introduced by humans in new places are different compared to how they are in their native areas. Usually this is interpreted as an adaptation to the new place, whereby the change in the species occurs after its introduction. However, a new study published in the scientific journal Evolutionary Applications, led by a research team from the Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain), shows that such differences already occur before the introduction, so that the introduced individuals are not a representative sample of the native population of origin. This finding thus questions the interpretations of previous studies and opens up the possibility of new management strategies to combat the negative impacts of invasive species.

New insights into the changes in ecosystem structure and function as ecosystems develops wordwide

A research team led by the Pablo de Olavide University investigated the changes in the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystem during millions of years of ecosystem development. The study published by Nature Communications advances our knowledge of the natural history of terrestrial ecosystems, and resolves one of the major unsettled questions in ecology: What are the major drivers of ecosystem structure and function at the global scale?

Olga Koreneva

UPO professor Olga Koreneva advises the EU on medical translation during the pandemic

Since April, Olga Koreneva Antonova, professor of the Area of Translation and Interpreting (German Philology) of the Pablo de Olavide University, is working as a volunteer advisor in the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament in Luxembourg in the handling of medical terminology and translation in the EU framework during the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Pinos resineros muertos tras sequías recientes en el Sistema Ibérico (Zaragoza)

Spain forests demonstrate their ability to resilience despite the increase of severe droughts

A study led by the researchers from the IPE-CSIC and the UPO, in collaboration with 16 Spanish institutions, has proved that Spain forests have been able to recover its growth promptly while facing the increase of severe droughts during the last 30 years. Most of the 16 tree species analysed in 567 Spain forests recovered growth rates after a severe drought in an average period of two years. The work led by Antonio Gazol, an IPE-CSIC researcher, has been recently published under the title Drought legacies are short, prevail in dry conifer forests and depend on growth variability in the Journal of Ecology.

Pablo de Olavide University approves the enrolment calendar in degree studies for the 2020/2021 year

The Governing Council of the Pablo de Olavide University has today approved the enrolment deadlines for the next academic year, both for new students and for those who are continuing their undergraduate university studies. The procedure to formalize it will be in general that of auto-registration. The term established for students to continue their studies at the undergraduate level is[Leer más…]

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